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So often repairs are left to the last minute hoping that it will be all ok or the issue has stopped. Maybe that light that’s been flashing on your dashboard to tell you something is wrong disappears completely. Unfortunately, this is not the case and the sooner a problem is identified and repaired the better. More often than not this approach also saves time and money.

Each component in a car has it's own purpose and is connected to something else. Think of it like your own body, each part needs to be working properly otherwise it has knock on effects for the rest of you. Cars are exactly the same Worn tyres mean the brakes have to work harder to slow down or stop. The shock absorbers are working harder to compensate and the list goes on. So don’t ignore that flashing light, come and see us at AWM Auto Services where we can fix it quickly and save you money and time in the long run. It could be a minor cheap fix if caught early.

We offer all types of mechanical repair or replacement of worn or faulty components on your vehicle, from brakes to clutches, head gaskets to suspension, from full engine rebuilds to the repair or replacement of a noisy exhaust system, whatever is wrong with your car, we can fix it.

Our team of mechanic’s work with OEM quality parts on the market. If something needs replacing and the part is not available we can almost certainly source it elsewhere fast or provide an alternative solution to get you back on the road.




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