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We offer comprehensive servicing, including main dealer level service schedule and parts to meet dealer warranty requirements and prices start from just £49 so why go anywhere else?

Some people go years without servicing their car to save money but this is actually a false economy. By spending a little money on servicing to keep your vehicle in good condition it can stop expensive repairs occurring later on. At AWM Auto Services we have seen this happen time after time and always actively encourage all our customers to keep up with regular servicing.

Servicing your car can save money in fuel costs and keep the car performing at it's best.  

Servicing can include the following: 

  • Replace engine oil and filter
  • Fuel filters, air filters, cabin filters
  • Top up windscreen washer fluid
  • Top up coolant levels and check strength and condition
  • Check all internal and external lights
  • Check tyres (tread & pressure)
  • Check brake wear and function
  • DPF additive levels checked
  • Check instruments, gauges, warning lights
  • Test electrics (battery, alternator, starter motor)

We provide a range of levels when servicing a car depending on whether it’s an interim or full service. We can provide you with details of what is included within each service when you book. Many newer cars require servicing to be kept up to date to ensure the warranty remains valid. Regular servicing means when you come to sell or exchange your car it will have held it's value much better than it would have without a full service history.

If your service is due soon or is overdue please give us a call to book in your car at your convenience.




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