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rsz tyres page 2Your tyres are your vehicle's only contact with the road. Tyres that are worn, cracked or out of balance will seriously affect your ability to control your car. That’s why it’s so important to inspect your tyres regularly.

You are more than welcome to call in today for a free inspection of your tyres. We can supply and fit all well known, quality name brands like Michelin, Goodyear and Toyo as well as offering cheaper alternatives. If you want to find out the benefits of different types of tyres, please give us a call, we would be happy to advise.


The brake system of your vehicle is the most important safety feature in your car. Being able to slow down or stop at a moment’s notice will help to avoid an accident. Spongy, sub standard brakes will not do the job they are designed to do and will not be as effective when needed, especially in an emergency stop situation.

At AWM Auto Services we can inspect and replace brake discs, pads and calipers. Please feel free to pop in to see us for a free brake check.


Does one corner or end of your car look oddly low? Snapped or broken springs are common. Shock absorbers are a very important part of a vehicle’s suspension. They are designed to smooth and reduce any sudden shock impulse and dissipate kinetic energy.  All shock absorbers work by the principle of converting kinetic energy into thermic energy. Without good shock absorbers the most minor problem is an uncomfortable ride. Ensure your suspension components are in tip top condition by getting them checked regularly. We can check and replace where necessary.




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